A PC designed for Cloud Gaming.

The Cloud is either for old-school emulation, or cloud gaming through GeForce Now.

System Information

…and why we chose each component.

Intel Celeron G6900

This little buddy is a highly efficient dual core chip. It is great for web browsing, and also coincidentally cloud gaming. It also runs with UHD 710 Graphics.
(2c/2t @ 3.4GHz)

Intel UHD 710

To maintain a small footprint in terms of physical size and heat output, we decided to utilize the integrated graphics on our CPU. Don’t worry, it’s enough for this use case.(2GB & 300MHz to 1.3GHz)

G.Skill 8GB @ 2400 MT/s

We got 8GB of memory from G.Skill’s Aegis series. This kept costs down without wasting RAM, however if you need more there’s an option for 16GB.
(2x4GB @ 2400MHz CL17)


256GB is overkill for Cloud Gaming, but with very small price bump, we figured we would included if needed.
Note: There is only one M.2 slot on this motherboard.
(Read: 500MB/s | Write: 400MB/s)

IN WIN Chopin

The In Win Chopin is a 3.3L Mini-ITX case. It is perfect for a build like this. It includes a 150W Power Supply. However power consumption usually is below 30W.
(2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A, Mic In, Headphones Out)

Dragon WiFi 6 + Bluetooth

On board Bluetooth for controllers, plenty of USB, and WiFi 6 for high quality game streaming. It also has a 2.5Gbps RJ-45 port for the folks with Ethernet.
(Dragon 802.11ax (WiFi 6E) + Bluetooth)

The Services

Want to start gaming? Or just watch some multimedia?
Well here’s some of your options!
(Logos belong to respective copyright owners.)

GeForce Now

Just install the GeForce Now app on the Play Store to begin Cloud Gaming with hardware up to an RTX 3080!

Android TV

Watch TV, Movies, YouTube or play Android games from this box as well with Android TV! Just visit the Play Store to get started.

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