Your TV wants a gaming PC too…

60FPS wants to deliver promising game consoles built using modern, and reliable hardware with the help of SteamOS 3.0.

The 60FPS Perks

The goals we try to deliver with each system.

Adequate Performance

We aim for all of our main systems to be able to achieve 60FPS on Medium settings across most titles. Extra details will be provided on each product page.

Controller Ready

Our systems use the all-new SteamOS 3.0- the same thing found on the Steam Deck. Boot it up, pair a controller, download games, and start having fun from your couch!

Keep Your Games

Already have PC games? Good! You won’t have to rebuy them since this isn’t your average PlayStation or Xbox.
(Uses Steam by default, compatible with other launchers)

Fast Shipping

For in stock items, we usually have the item on a truck by the next day from purchasing. Shipping is free if there is any delay longer than 72 hours.

Modern Hardware

We only use components from the last year or two in our products. A fine line between bleeding edge, and affordable.

Maximum Compatibility

The main operating system is a modified version of Arch Linux, however we have also installed a standard version of Windows 11 for games with stubborn Anti-Cheats or Emulation for best compatibility.

The Lineup

We have a couple systems on display, here’s our top three.

The Origin Slim

Boasting a 4 core, 8 thread CPU from Intel’s 12th generation– paired with a RX 6600 and running SteamOS Holo, this is a console like no other.

The Origin

The beefer Origin Slim, upgraded to a 6 core, 12 thread i5-12600KF and an RX 6700XT. It also comes packing faster RAM, and 2TB of NVMe storage. TL;DR, it’s fast.

The Cloud

Designed for cloud gaming with services like GeForce Now or Google Stadia. Packed tight with a G6900, 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB of extra storage.

The Goals

Here’s what our goals are when designing a new system.

Minimum 60FPS. It’s in the name.

We set out to make a console that runs your PC games. We wanted to do that by running them well while also remaining relatively affordable. Unless specified, our systems should run AAA games at 60 FPS or higher.
(1080p, Medium Preset, FSR Ultra Quality)


We could obviously just throw in an i9-12900KS and a 3090 Ti, but it would cost well into the thousands. We’re not here for that, we want to make sure people can actually buy our products. We want to compete with consoles, and if you already have a console, you probably wouldn’t be here.

Ease of Use.

Yeah you could just move your gaming pc to the living room when it’s couch gaming time, but then you need to finagle with Windows on a controller once in a while. How about we just use an OS made for controllers…

Modern Hardware.

When it comes to gaming it is heard that “futureproofing” is sacrilege. However, we still try to use modern components to ensure your console will last for as many years to come as possible.

The Timeline

We’ve come a long way since 2018, and we’d like to share our story with you.


Planning Started

Originally going by the name Clicks, we wanted to sell custom built computers, just like everyone else.



Price Inflation

Due to the pandemic, and the surge in cryptocurrency, it was impossible to get components. This caused a massive disruption in plans, which ultimately ceased progress of Clicks.


Late 2020

The Search of a Game Console

The idea of a computer that looks like a console, running Steam games with easy controller support intrigued me so much. This lead me to the search for the ultimate operating system to do the job.

Late 2020


The Steam Deck

With the announcement of the Steam Deck came SteamOS 3.0. This is exactly what I was looking for. The compatibility with Windows games, and the fluidity of a fully controller-based interface- it was perfect.



The Start of 60FPS.

We sat down and started planning sellable console-like computers running a modified version of SteamOS Holo. Unfortunately, the Clicks domain was bought out by a third party, so we had to rename. That’s fine though since “mouse clicks” aren’t exactly “console-like”. 😉


Need Assistance?

If you ever need help with your order, please reach out to us at

8988 Main St, McKean, PA 16426
P.O. Box #119857